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Tune In Next Week S01E32: Frasier - Ham Radio

Set your dials for goosebumps... well, more like disorganized shenanigans. We're hanging with the gang at KACL in Seattle this week, and doing a  revisit of "Frasier." Find out what happens when Frasier tries his hand at directing... or, over-directing when he takes on a new project at the station. Bulldog being inappropriate, a little dyslexia, and Roz shot up with novocaine. This episode really does have it all. 


Tune In Next Week S01E31: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse

Now, this is a podcast all about how this guy named Will's life got flipped-turned upside down. We're going to take 52 minutes so just sit right there, and check out our episode on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

This week, on our special "Father's Day" episode, we talk about the iconic episode in which Will Smith delivers one of the most incredible moments in his acting career. We meet his deadbeat dad and we see Uncle Phil verbally beat the crap out of him. Check it out. 

Tune in Next Week S01E30: A Different World - The Trouble With You All

Grab your books and head to class, we're joining the students of Hillman College on "A Different World" this week. In this episode we talk about Sinbad not being the greatest poker player, and we find out what happens when a loud and nasally-voiced Southern belle wannabe can't figure out which guy she has the hots for. 


Tune In Next Week S01E29: Wings - Its Not the Thought, it’s the Gift That Counts

Raise your seat backs to the upright position and ensure your safety belts are fashioned as we prepare for takeoff on this episode of Tune In Next Week. There once were two guys from Nantucket... fill in the rest yourself, you dirty-minded person. We're doing an episode of Wings this week! Find out what happens when two guys try to buy a present for a gal they're interested in, when her birthday comes around.