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Tune In Next Week S02E01: Roseanne - April Fool’s Day

Tune In Next Week is Back for Season 2 with more laughs, completely over-analyzed breakdowns of episodes, and of course... a complete lack of fact checking. We're kicking off this season with an episode of Roseanne - we get to find out what happens when she and Dan have to conquer the age-old boon of yearly taxes. We see the annoying side of Jackie, Dan's beast-side, and as always the quick wit and unforgettable laughter from the woman herself. Definitely, not one to be missed. 


Tune In Next Week S02 Teenysode

Tune In Next Week is back...almost. Check out this brief intro to our upcoming Season where we talk about what's to come. Looking forward to getting back into it! As always, tweet us @tunein_nextweek with any shows you'd like to see us do!