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Tune In Next Week S01E31: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse

Now, this is a podcast all about how this guy named Will's life got flipped-turned upside down. We're going to take 52 minutes so just sit right there, and check out our episode on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

This week, on our special "Father's Day" episode, we talk about the iconic episode in which Will Smith delivers one of the most incredible moments in his acting career. We meet his deadbeat dad and we see Uncle Phil verbally beat the crap out of him. Check it out. 

Tune In Next Week S01E26: CHiPS - Home Fires Burning

Get your motor running, because we're about to head out on the highway with our two favorite California motorcycle cops: Ponch and Baker from CHiPS. This week's episode has it all: gratuitous car jumps, explosions, verbal spousal abuse, and a guy whose bomb making is a little, shall we say...inconsistent? You won't want to miss this one, it's even got a special appearance by a unicycle basketball troupe. Yes, you read that right. 


Tune In Next Week S01E23: Emergency! - Computer Error

A guy gets stuck in a safe...a girl falls down into a well (but she forgot to put the lotion on her skin), and a guy narrowly misses getting char-broiled by some white phosphorus explosions. How did all of these people survive? Thanks to John & Roy from Squad 51! This week we're turning back the clock to a 70's-era show called "Emergency", the very first medical-themed show to hit the airwaves. Be sure to check out the podcast to see what happens when a doctor doesn't shave his sideburns, and another who just happens to have a knack for saving marriages. 



Tune In Next Week S01E15: Melrose Place - The Days of Wine and Vodka

Shake up your spray tan and throw on your Cavaricci's, we're going back to the 90's to hang out with the gang at Melrose Place. With drama around every corner, who knows what to expect? Sex, lies, mafia thugs, and booze, you can't go wrong. Tune in to see what happened during an average day on the other side of town while Brenda Walsh and her 90210 cronies were still in school. 


Tune In Next Week S01E10: Beverly Hills, 90210 - Back in the High Life Again

It's Episode 10 of Tune In Next Week, and we're pulling out all the stops on this episode. We're living it up in Beverly Hills with everyone's favorite teen drama of the 90's, "Beverly Hills 90210." - Who is Dylan sleeping with this week? What kind of drama is Brenda stirring up? One way to find out... listen to this episode and have a box of kleenex nearby.