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Tune In Next Week S01E32: Frasier - Ham Radio

Set your dials for goosebumps... well, more like disorganized shenanigans. We're hanging with the gang at KACL in Seattle this week, and doing a  revisit of "Frasier." Find out what happens when Frasier tries his hand at directing... or, over-directing when he takes on a new project at the station. Bulldog being inappropriate, a little dyslexia, and Roz shot up with novocaine. This episode really does have it all. 


Tune In Next Week S01E05: Frasier - Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or __insert festive holiday greeting here___ - It's time to toss those salads and scramble those eggs, with another episode of Tune In Next Week! This is our special Christmas episode, our gift to you, where we break down a hilarious holiday-themed episode of "Frasier", the show featuring Seattle's favorite radio psychiatrist. What better way to celebrate Christmas than pretending to be Jewish? How so? Listen to the podcast and find out. Now I've got to go clean up these scrambled eggs all over my face....