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Tune In Next Week S01E21: Knight Rider - Junk Yard Dog

It's time for our first-ever Tune In Next Week RE-VISIT! We're heading back to our roots...and by roots we mean, the show that started this podcast: Knight Rider! Maurice is back, and filling in for Brian as we Turbo Boost into Season 3. We're covering an episode in which KITT decides to take a bath, but not like one you'd expect to get at your local car wash. This episode has it all: a criminal named "Acid John" Birock, Hoff's hair and signature leather jacket, and a nasty dirty skanky acid pit. Listen to the episode to find out what happens.



Tune In Next Week S01E01: Knight Rider - Knight Song

In this episode, we look at the show with everyone's favorite talking car: Knight Rider. Taken from Season 4, we look at an episode called "Knight Song" and break down all the shenanigans that ensue. Nothing is off-limits. From hair and fashion to arm-flailing high jumps, this is an action-packed episode you don't want to miss.